About Us

Company “Mehanizmi B” D.O.O was founded in 2004 as a daughter of the Slovene holding firm Iskra-Mehanizmi. d.d., with the task of producing components, assemblies and finished products from the field of work of the parent company and other fields in the field of electro-mechanical industry, such as:
  • components, assemblies and finished products in the field of personal care appliances.
  • components, assemblies and finished products in the field of citrus press,
  • fuses, counters, switches, switches and similar products of the electro-mechanical industry,
  • parts, assemblies and automotive products.
Customer requirements, market competition, desire and necessity of continuous improvement and development, made for a rapid progress and development. Since 2008 we have the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, and from 2012 God. Standard ISO 14001: 2004. We have in plan the ISO TS 16949 standard. “Continuous Progress” as the business motto of life and organization of the work of society, along with continual investment in people, requires the introduction of modern business tools, so since 2012 we have started with the Lean concept organization as a business philosophy of thinking and work. The basic goals are customer satisfaction, stable work process, product delivery security, standardization, minimization of losses, and we achieve and maintain with Lean concept tools.


“Mehanizmi B” D.O.O
Industry of Mechanics, Apparatus and Components.

Čatrnja broj 59 B, 78400 Gradiška

Telefon: +387 51 825 560 (ADMINISTRATION)
Telefon: +387 51 825 561 (PRODUCTION)
Telefon: +387 51 825 561 (TECHNOLOGY)
Telefon: +387 51 825 450 (LOGISTICS)
Telefon: +387 51 825 451 (CONTROL)

Registration: Osnovni privredni sud Banja Luka MBS:1-14672-OV

Identification number: 01984284
Tax code: 4401097730007
PDV number: 040109773007
EORI number: SIBA005005LC0178

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Fax: +387 51 825 452
E-mail: info@mehanizmib.com

Bank accounts:
567-321-11000090-20 (BAM) Sber Bank
161-045-00206700-58 (BAM) Raiffaisen Bank

567-321-00000623-88 (EUR) Sber Bank
502012-000-0450935 (EUR) Raiffaisen Bank


The mission of the business and business of the “Mehanizmi B” d.o.o. is achieved by satisfying the needs of the wishes of all interested parties. Employees and owners of their interests realize through achieving complete satisfaction of customers and end users, meeting the needs of the community and the interests of all business partners.